The world we live in creates pressures and introduces toxins to the system that prematurely age our skin. Indeed, we're surrounded by these elements; the simple act of treating ourselves has itself become problematic and often leads to damaged skin.

Everything we do and produce at QLABO adheres to the belief that healthy skin is beautiful skin, whatever your age.

We strive to make exceptional skincare formulas and provide them at the most reasonable prices.

We commit to providing men and women with high-performing, non-irritating products for stronger skin.

We believe in building inner resilience so your skin can withstand the damages caused by UV rays and allergy-inducing pollutants found in the world around us.

We believe in soothing products for skin that feels beautiful.

We believe with the right care; everyone can be comfortable in his or her own skin.

We strive to prevent and aid in the repair of dull, dehydrated skin with dark spots where the signs of good health once were.

We believe powerful formulations should deliver visible results within one to two skin renewal cycles. You'll see changes in just 28 days and more significant evidence within 56 days.

We don't believe that beauty is only for the young. Instead of covering age and attempting to deceive nature, we focus on the provision of nutrients for the natural production of radiant skin.

We believe the future of skincare lies in harnessing nature's purest plants and making them better with advanced scientific techniques; in a sustainable fashion.

We believe in the full disclosure of our ingredients so you can make informed decisions.

We believe in rigorous testing of our products to make sure they are safe for your use and ours.

We believe there is no reason to cause environmental stress in the name of beauty.

We believe animals should never become pawns to our vanity.

We believe in perpetually challenging ourselves to push the boundaries of natural science skincare.


Above all, we know it's possible to have healthy, radiant skin without irritation and inflammation.

At QLABO, we're putting the care back in skin care and the beauty back in life.